Every tourist should have a valid passport issued on his or her name and atourist card (Visa). It is important for you to know that your passportshould be valid for at least one week after the return date. If you areplanning to work, do business or study in Cuba you need another type ofvisa; please contact Consulate General of Cuba.

If you are sailing to Cuba, be sure to contact port authorities before you reach jurisdictional waters (12 miles from the base line). Use these communication channels:

-HF (SSB) channel 2760 (national coastal network) and 2790 (tourism network); or-VHF channel 68 (national coastal network) and 16 (tourism network).

Port authorities will ask you for the following information:

-name of yacht-flag-port of registry-last port of call-port of arrival-estimated time of arrival (ETA)-type of craft-colour of craft-number of persons on board.You must follow the instructions given by the port authorities and remain on board until all legal formalities are concluded.

If you plan to fly to Cuba on a private plane, you must send an operational request for approval of your flight plan in a telex addressed to the:

Regimen de Vuelos de Aeronautica Civil de Cuba, La HabanaTelex: 51727 ACVCUIn the request, you must specify:-whether the plane is private-the type of aircraft-registration number and class-starting point-pilot’s name-expected date, place and time of arrival-objective of the trip.