What you pack for your visit to Cuba will depend on the time of year and your itinerary. Here are few ideas to help you bring the right items for your plans.


Cuba is a wonderfully warm, tropical island, so cotton and other light fabrics are ideal for outdoor activities. Keep in mind, however, that resorts, restaurants, tour buses and other public areas are generally air conditioned. During wintertime, which is slightly cooler, we recommend bringing a light overcoat. For the rainy season (May to October), rain gear or an umbrella will come in handy.Casual is the order of the day in Cuba. However, visitors who enjoy elegant dining, theatre and other sophisticated entertainment tend to dress more formally for those occasions.

Electrical Equipment

Cuba’s electricity is 110 volts, 60Hz, but most hotels and resorts have 220 volts. Electrical outlets take flat plug prongs. If you’re bringing an electrical appliance, check before you leave to see if you need an adaptor or converter.


You may be hoping for a vacation where time stands still. But if you do need to plan your time, remember that Cuba is on Eastern Standard Time. >From May through October, Cuba moves into daylight savings time (an hour ahead).